Revolutionary History is a magazine dealing with the history of the revolutionary socialist movement, from a mainly Trotskyist viewpoint. It does not belong to, or support any trend within the Trotskyist movement. Non-Trotskyist opinions are included in our Editorial Board. All socialist tendencies and individuals are welcome to support its work and to send a representative to the Editorial Board.

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Our main activity is the publication of the original documents and materials of revolutionary movements and struggles, making them available for study by new generations of revolutionaries and scholars. We publish thematic issues of our magazine, usually dealing with particular countries or topics.

In this website we present information about Revolutionary History and its activity, how to order issues and information on other ventures that are working in the same area as us that we think you might be interested in. We also use the site to make available articles which we have never had the space to publish in our magazine. We welcome the opportunity presented by the web to make this material available to revolutionaries and scholars.The website has a section on the Trotskyist Movement in Britain, an extensive Obituary, a lagre number of Book Reviews, a collection of Documents and a number of articles by Marxist writers.


Cosroe Chaqueri

Cosroe Chaqueri (Khosrow Shakeri Zand) died on June 30 2015 after a long and valiant battle against illness. He had completed for us two volumes of his planned series on The Left in Iran. He generously devoted much of his time and energy during the last decade to this work, and we remain convinced that there was nobody else equipped with the scholarship and politics to conduct this much needed task. The projected third volume cannot now be completed as planned, as there remained a lot of detailed work to be done on the work in progress. Cosroe was always insistent that anything that appeared under his name should have been completed to the highest scholarly standards, and we will not retrospectively harm his reputation by publishing unfinished material. The Editorial Board will consider how to publish the prepared material that Cosroe had sent us in due course.

A formal obituary will be prepared for the 2016 issue of Revolutionary History. By way of an interim tribute, we are making available an account of a visit to Iran by delegates from the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, which Cosroe facilitated, and which with typical if exaggerated modesty he insisted should be edited to exclude the personal reference to him.


Revolutionary History maintains an archive and library. If you have material that is not available elsewhere, or if you want to discuss researching and publishing the history of the revolutionary movement, please contact us.

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